Sunday, February 8, 2015

Upcoming Breaking Taboo Shows

Eva Morales
Valentines Special - Feb. 9th
My guest next week is Eva Morales, a writer who lives in an expansive villa in the Republic of Texas with her private militia and a gaggle of renegade chickens.
Show will be posted Monday, February 9th on itunes, here and on social media. You can always find the mp3 link at too. 

Upcoming guests and show post dates:

The Taboos of Black Women - Feb. 16th
Denise Tucker from Humanitree House will join me to discuss hair, taboos, self-identity, plus the annoying shit that black women have to deal with.
Eden Bradley

The One Twue Way - Feb. 22nd
National Best-Selling Authors Eden Bradley and Ann Mayburn join me to discuss BDSM myths, protocols and the danger of misguided information.
Eden's bio:
Real life kinkster Eden Bradley is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of erotica and erotic romance. She’s probably best known for her BDSM novels THE DARK GARDEN and DANGEROUSLY BOUND.  She loves art, shoes, tattoos, her Boston Terrier puppy Voodoo, lip gloss, reading dirty books and doing dirty things, often involving pain and a little mind-fuck.

Johnny Dam
A Dam Look at the World - March 3rd
Standup Comedian Johnny Dam, host of the Damage Report joins me to take a satirical stab at current events.

Also booked for shows through April are Steven Forrest, Susanne Monk, Kimmie Dee, Allan Coberly with Johnny Dam.

Stay tuned to this Rebel Station. 
Itune Shows:

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