Sunday, February 15, 2015

Monday's Special Guest and the Politics of Black Hair

Denise Tucker will be on Breaking Taboo this week to talk about the politics of black hair, as well as obstacles black women still have to overcome in today's society.

Machere “Denise” Tucker Denise was born the only child to her parents in Falmouth, Mass in 1968. Although raised in Wichita, Kansas until graduation from high school, Denise has resided in Augusta, Georgia for 26 years where she has worked in a managerial capacity for several businesses to include the education system, legal arena as well as the arts. Her skills range from paralegal, executive administration, human resources, book-keeping to arts management. She is also an ordained minister and certified holistic health coach and Reiki and reflexology practitioner. In addition to these skills, she is consults with pantry makeovers, vegan/vegetarian catering and organizes juice fasts within the community. Always outgoing, she is said to have a very infectious personality with the gift to inspire, encourage and enlighten. Denise is the Co-Owner/Founder of Humanitree House Juice Joint and Gallery
She is the mother of two beautiful children, Symphoni Wiggins, who resides in Augusta, Georgia with her husband and Jordan Lipscomb who also resides in Augusta. She is the Grandmother of one Ze’lyn Walker. She is also a mother by love to three additional children Tahirah Greene (Harlem, NY) and Song and Sol Tucker (Atlanta, GA). 
Denise is married to Baruti Tucker. She has published two books “Healing After the Smoke Clears” and “Growing Up The Journey to Womanhood, Talking About that Time”. She has been published in the works of other authors and artists on approximately sixty-two occasions. Denise has a true love for women's healing and is an active peer and youth mentor.

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