Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yay for winning the technology battle!

One of my favorite pics of Rick with his pal Robin
Finally got the RSS feed software working and therefore could complete setting up new itunes for the shows. Seriously. It's taken months and several sessions with IT to get it straight.
I have a reputation for having an adverse impact on anything electronic or computer related. So this is huge. lol!

I'll be posting links as soon as itunes uploads the last show recorded (which you can access at and gives me a thumbs up on the setup.

In the interim stay tuned next week for Breaking Taboo with comedian and actor Rick Overton. We'll be discussing Monsanto, activism and the power of da people. If you have any questions for Rick (or me) email me at lakotaphillips (at) gmail and we'll share any good ones on the show.

In addition to being an amazing comedian and actor, Rick is a powerful advocate for people's rights.

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